Press Release: the launch of the Oxford World's Classics

January 13, 2021

Oxford World's Classics is now available online.

"The new online version of [Oxford World's Classics] is designed with users in mind: easy-to-use search and browse tools allow researchers, lecturers, and students to pinpoint the material they need. Integrated sharing and social media tools also make it easy for readers to distribute precise content with colleagues and students, facilitating seminar discussions and essay ideas [...] David Clark, Managing Director of OUP’s Academic Division, greeted the new release as a ‘a great resource for the academic community’ adding that ‘in the last year, we have really seen the importance of reliable digital products as universities and libraries have come under extraordinary strain. Digital products like our online OWCs enable research and teaching to continue in these unparalleled times but will also help to permanently expand access, giving users the chance to explore beyond just what is available in the nearest library. It is great to think that the next generation of humanities students will be able to access reliable, consistent, rigorously prepared editions of key texts thanks to the technological progress of the twenty-first century.'"

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