Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Here you will find:

If you have a question that isn't answered here, please contact us.

Customer Questions

Is it possible to have a free trial for my institution?

Institutional customers may request free trials using our online form: within the Americas | outside of the Americas. If you are a student or academic, complete our librarian recommendation form to recommend Oxford World's Classics to your librarian for an institutional free trial.

Can individuals register for a free trial or subscribe to Oxford World's Classics?

We do not sell individual subscriptions to Oxford World's Classics and free trials are not available to individuals.

How do I get access to Oxford World's Classics?

Oxford World's Classics is available to purchase by institutions worldwide. Find out how to get access or contact us.

I would like to reuse or reproduce excerpts from Oxford World's Classics. Do I need to get permission?

Yes, in order to reuse, reproduce, digitize, or translate any excerpt, chapter, and image from Oxford World's Classics, you need to fill out a permissions request form. Depending on your request, please select the appropriate link on the online form, and follow the instructions.

Librarian Support Questions

Do you have any materials I can use to promote the site to users?

Yes. OUP offers a variety of free tools to help librarians promote their access, including free training and promotional materials. Find out more on our Librarian Resource Centre.

Can I see usage statistics for my institution?

Yes, Oxford University Press provides usage statistics that are compliant with the COUNTER Code of Practice, Release 5. These reports are designed to be clear, flexible, and consistent. For more information and to access reports for your institution, please see our Usage Statistics page for librarians.

How often are COUNTER statistics made available?

COUNTER statistics are made available approximately 2 weeks after the end of the month. If you require usage statistics during a month please contact us.

Does Oxford World's Classics provide MARC records?

Yes, you can download a MARC record for Oxford World's Classics.

Access Questions

How do I log in?

Consult the Help section on logging in, and ask your librarian which access methods have been set up for you.

How do I change my administrator username?

You can change your administrator username by contacting us.

I've forgotten my administrator password. How do I login?

If you have forgotten your administrator password, please go to the Contact Us page.

Why can't I log in?

If you are unable to ascertain why you are unable to access please contact us providing details of any error message you receive.

What are the Availability icons, and what do they tell me?

The Availability icons appear alongside each content item in your search and browse results, and alongside links to content. They allow you to see what online access rights you have to each piece of content OUP publishes on each site.

  • Unlocked: You or your institution has paid to see this content in full
  • Free: OUP has made this content item freely available in full for a limited time
  • Restricted: You or your institution has not paid to see this content in full

What are the Availability Filters?

The icons used for Availability icons also appear as filters within the left hand ‘Refine Your Results’ panel, allowing you to narrow or expand your search or browse results by online availability.
OUP sets the default to show content of all availability types, to aid full discoverability of content.

Can individuals choose to over-ride default Availability settings?
Yes, individuals can widen their search results by checking any Availability box and updating their search.