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p. xxviiSelect Bibliographylocked

  • Published in print: 10 July 2008
  • Published online: 16 December 2020

Editions of The Professor

  • First edition, 2 vols. (Smith, Elder & Co., 1857).
  • Collins edition (1954). Includes ‘Emma’ and selected tales from Angria, edited with an introduction and biography by Phyllis Bentley.
  • Clarendon edition (Oxford University Press, 1987). Based on the manuscript; introduction, textual and explanatory notes by Margaret Smith and Herbert Rosengarten. Includes ‘Emma’, based on the manuscript, and indexes of quotations and allusions in the novels of Charlotte Brontë.
  • Penguin edition (1989). Edited with an introduction by Heather Glen.
  • Bibliography

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  • Yablon G. A. and Turner J. R., A Brontë Bibliography (1978).
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  • Biography and Letters

  • Gaskell Elizabeth C., The Life of Charlotte Brontë (Smith, Elder & Co., 1857).
  • Wise T. J. and Symington J. A., The Brontës: their Lives, Friendships and Correspondence (1932, reprinted 1980). The text of the letters is unreliable, but the collection is the most extensive so far published.
  • Gérin Winifred, Charlotte Brontë: The Evolution of Genius (1967, reprinted with corrections 1968).
  • Fraser Rebecca, Charlotte Brontë (1988).
  • Smith Margaret (ed.), The Letters of Charlotte Brontë with a Selection of Letters by Family and Friends, vol. i. 1829–1847 (1995); vol. ii. 1848–1851 (2000); vol. iii. 1852–1855 (2004).
  • Barker Juliet, The Brontës (1995).
  • p. xxviiiJuvenilia

  • Wise T. J. and Symington J. A. (eds.), Miscellaneous and Unpublished Writings of Charlotte and Patrick Branwell Brontë, 2 vols. (1936).
  • Ratchford F. E., The Brontës’ Web of Childhood (1941).
  • Gérin Winifred (ed.), Five Novelettes by Brontë Charlotte (1971).
  • Alexander Christine, The Early Writings of Charlotte Brontë (1983).
  • Alexander Christine An Edition of the Early Writings of Charlotte Brontë 1826—1832 (1987); 1833–1835 (1991).
  • Background and Criticism

  • Wroot Herbert, Sources of the Brontë Novels: Persons and Places, a Supplement to the Brontë Society Transactions for 1935.
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  • Duthie Enid L., The Brontës and Nature (1986).
  • Alexander Christine and Smith Margaret, The Oxford Companion to the Brontës (2003).
  • Periodicals

    The Transactions of the Brontë Society include bibliographies, catalogues, transcripts of juvenilia, letters, and essays, biographical and topographical material, and critical commentary. A subject and author index by A. G. Foster was published in 1968, covering vol. 1 (1895) to vol. 15 (1967).

    Articles in this and other periodicals include:

  • Falconer J. A., ‘The Professor and Villette: a Study of Development’, English Studies (Apr. 1927).
  • Brammer M. M., ‘The Manuscript of The Professor’, Review of English Studies (May 1960).
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  • p. xxixFurther Reading in Oxford World’s Classics

  • Brontë Anne, Agnes Grey, ed. Inglesfield Robert and Marsden Hilda.
  • Brontë Anne The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, ed. Rosengarten Herbert.
  • Brontë Charlotte, Jane Eyre, ed. Smith Margaret, with a new introduction and notes by Sally Shuttleworth.
  • Brontë Charlotte Villette, ed. Rosengarten Herbert and Smith Margaret, with a new introduction and notes by Tim Dolin.
  • Brontë Charlotte Shirley, ed. Rosengarten Herbert and Smith Margaret.
  • Brontë Emily, Wuthering Heights, ed. Jack Ian, with a new introduction and notes by Patsy Stoneman.
  • Gaskell Elizabeth, The Life of Charlotte Brontë, ed. Easson Angus.