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p. xxxvA Chronology of Mary Wollstonecraftlocked

p. xxxvA Chronology of Mary Wollstonecraftlocked

  • Mary Wollstonecraft


Mary Wollstonecraft born 27 April in London. Her father Edward John Wollstonecraft (b. 1736) and mother Elizabeth Dickson (c.1740) were married in 1756. Their oldest child Edward (Ned) was born in 1757. Other children: Henry Woodstock (1761); Elizabeth (Eliza) (1763); Everina (Averina) (1765); James (1768); and Charles (1770).


Meets Fanny Blood.


Leaves home to become a paid companion to Mrs Dawson in Bath.


Returns home to nurse her mother.


Mother dies (19 April). Goes to live with Fanny Blood and family. Eliza married Meredith Bishop.


Eliza’s daughter born (probably 10 August).


Asked to tend her sister Eliza during postpartum breakdown (January); removes Eliza from Bishop’s house. With Fanny Blood and Eliza establishes school at Islington, then at Newington Green. Joined by Everina. Meets Dr Richard Price and Dissenters.


Consumptive Fanny Blood marries Hugh Skeys in Lisbon in February. Wollstonecraft travels there for birth of Fanny’s child in November. Fanny dies in childbirth.


Returns to London. The school fails and the sisters disperse. Writes Thoughts on the Education of Daughters, published by Joseph Johnson. Hired as governess to Kingsborough children in Ireland. Brief visit to Eton College.


Completes Mary: A Ficition in Ireland; dismissed by Lady Kingsborough in Bristol. Returns to London. Hired by Joseph Johnson as translator and reader (and later as reviewer and editorial assistant) for his forthcoming Analytical Review. Writes The Cave of Fancy and Original Stories from Real Life and completes The Female Reader, all published by Johnson.


From self-taught French, German, Dutch, translates Necker’s Of the Importance of Religious Opinions, Salzmann’s Element of Morality for the Use of Children, and Madame de Cambon’s Young Grandison.


In answer to Edmund Burke, writes A Vindication of the Rights of Men, published under her own name in the second edition. For a short period takes in 7-year-old Ann (relative of Hugh Skeys) as p. xxxvifoster daughter. Begins writing Vindication of the Rights of Woman in September. Briefly meets William Godwin in November.


A Vindication of the Rights of Woman is published. Intends to go to Paris with Johnson and Henry and Sophia Fuseli; emotional crisis with Henry Fuseli; leaves for Paris alone in December.


Meets Gilbert Imlay. Conceives her first child in August. Imlay registers her at US embassy as his wife for protection against anti-British legislation. The Emigrants is published (probably written by Imlay, although a case has been made for Wollstonecraft’s authorship).


Daughter Fanny is born (14 May) in Le Havre. Finishes An Historical and Moral View of the Origin and Progress of the French Revolution and the Effect it Has Produced in Europe, which Johnson publishes in London.


Returns to London with Fanny in April. Imlay indifferent. First suicide attempt in May. Travels with Fanny and nurse to Scandinavia in June. Returns in September. Second suicide attempt in October.


Letters Written during a Short Residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark published by Johnson.


Marries Godwin (29 March). Continues work on The Wrongs of Woman; or, Maria. Plans a book called Letters on the Management of Children. Second daughter, Mary, is born (30 August). Dies following childbirth (10 September).